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Recognizing the tremendous need for childcare support for healthcare worker families during the COVID-19 pandemic, community volunteers have developed a childcare matching service for NYC healthcare workers. It is a database that tries to refer childcare providers who have consented to work with healthcare workers for the purposes of helping with childcare needs

This database has been assembled by caring volunteers. The people on the list are a mix of individuals in local NYC academic communities and those in the greater NYC community.

Who we are
How it works

Upon entering your information with an approved healthcare system email address, an automatically generated email will be sent to you with the contact information of 4 childcare providers (and their references) who have consented to work with healthcare workers.

You will be randomly "matched" based on zip code. Right now we are able to send email to approved domains from 4 academic hospital systems in the NYC area (Columbia, Cornell, NYU, and Mount Sinai). This database is not affiliated with any of these hospital systems in any way.

Email us if you have a question about how it works
Your information is private

We collect your information to 1) refer you to appropriate workers, 2) help optimize the system.  In extreme circumstances we may consider an opt-in system where healthcare worker families in close proximity may be called upon to support one another with childcare. This is not a current feature of this service. You will be notified if this service changes to utilize this data in the future.

Help us grow!

to your favorite sitter!

We have not vetted this list in any way (background checks, etc), nor interviewed the people on it. It is your responsibility alone to properly evaluate the people on this list to fully understand whether or not they are a good match with your family's needs, including safety and security.

simply fill out this form. 
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